Dominican Republic Commercial Real Estate Government Reports

As in investor interested in Dominican Republic commercial real estate, the best place to start is with official government reports and guides. Below you can download some guides which are full of information for foreign investors planning on buying commercial property in the Dominican Republic.


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Information for Investors and Developers


For commercial property, the Dominican Republic has become the the new prime Caribbean destination for investors and developers looking for investment properties. Beach land is still reasonably inexpensive and many developers are building resort communities and investors are lining up for the opportunity to fund these lucrative developments. Recently dubbed the "next St. Barts" by the NY Times the Dominican Republic has seen a large influx of investors and developers over the past several years as an increasing number of consumers discover this island paradise where the prices are among the lowest in the Caribbean. Due to the recent volatile hurricane seasons many investors have rethought the location of their retirement and investment homes and many have chosen to purchase commercial real estate on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic where hurricanes are rare and prices are still reasonable.


"Top 5 Places to Buy Real Estate in the Caribbean" see where the DR rates on


"The Dominican Republic offers a new place in the sun" according to the NY Times - October


The DR is a "Small Island Big Investment Potential" according to MSNBC - July


DR-CAFTA has recently been past and this will further encourage investors and real estate prices in our already buoyant market. Check here for full information on DR-CAFTA.


This growing market has made the Dominican Republic commercial real estate a hot commodity for commercial investors buying property. The easy access to skilled and reasonably priced labor and materials combined with the high demand from consumers, especially for beach front properties, has allowed developers to make lucrative profits through commercial property in the Dominican Republic. 


Law 158-01 on "Promotion of Tourism Development for Poles of Lower Development and New Poles in Provinces and Places of Great Potential, and Creation of Official Fund for Tourism Development" which grants tax incentives to investors undertaking tourism and development projects in many areas has drawn investors from across the globe to the Dominican Republic. 


Please review our Hotels|Businesses page - for listings or some of our hotels, beach bars, restaurants and resorts. Or take a look at our Land page for our large beachfront development parcels, interior farms and individual lots. Not all of our commercial real estate properties are publicly available on line. Contact us today with your specific criteria and we will supply you with details on all of our available listings that meet your needs.


If you are considering a development in the Dominican Republic, we have experience with investors and builders click here for information on our recommended builder. We have many large beach front land parcels available at very reasonable prices per square meter, that are not listed individually on our website.

Dominican Republic Commercial Real Estate Listings

Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Sosua, Puerto Plata $8,990,000
13 photos
$8,990,000 USD
"Operating hotel!!"
City Sosua
Size 5600 sq. m.
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Cabarete, Puerto Plata $6,500,000
23 photos
$6,500,000 USD
"Beach front hotel"
City Cabarete
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Cabarete, Puerto Plata $1,990,000
28 photos
$1,990,000 USD
"Income Property!!"
City Cabarete
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Sosua Oceanfront, Sosua, Puerto Plata $1,200,000
7 photos
$1,200,000 USD
"Centrally located"
City Sosua
Style Commercial
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Kite Beach, Cabarete, Puerto Plata $2,999,000
12 photos
$2,999,000 USD
City Cabarete
Size 836 sq. m.
Style Single Story
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Costambar, Puerto Plata $1,400,000
35 photos
$1,400,000 USD
City Costambar
Style Multiplex
Type Commercial
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Zona Colonial, Distrito Nacional $585,000
4 photos
$585,000 USD
City Zona Colonial
Size 230 sq. m.
Style 2 Storey
Type Commercial