For buyers requiring mortgage financing:


There are two options available:

1. Use the equity you have.  Obtain a home equity line of credit or do a refinance of an existing property in your home country.  Rates are often better and the process is much easier and quicker.

2. Take out a new mortgage in the Dominican Republic with a local bank.  Here is where to start, and how it works:

The minimum requirements in order to qualify for mortgage financing in the Dominican Republic area:

1. Credit Score: The minimum credit score required is 660 (USA and England citizens) and 680 (Canadian citizens)

2. Total Debt Service Ratio of less than 35% of your monthly income

3. Net Worth Ratio: This means you must have sufficient assets with evidence that demonstrate the capacity to acquire other assets. The formula is as follows;
Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities (the Net Worth must be higher than the loan amount, without including the down payment) Proof of employment income or other type of income.

4. Income Information:
- United States and UK:  Two-years of tax returns
- Canadians:  Two-years of Notice of Assessments

If you are qualified per the above ☝️ requirements. Your next step is to complete the application and documents and submit them to Scotiabank. Please contact me via email at for full details and documentation or by Whatsapp


- Mortgage financing here in the Dominican Republic is limited and can be time consuming.
- The bank will lend a maximum of 65% of the value of your property
- Financing is only  available to citizens from the United States, Canada and the UK
- Projects or developments must also be approved by the lender.
- Mortgages are done in United States dollars (US)
- The bank will only release the loan on a completed house, They do not offer land or construction loans.

** Casa Linda is a developer that will provide bridge financing during the construction. Allowing pre-qualified buyers to build. These are interest only payments of 8% of the amount financed. When the house is completed the bank will release the money and you start making payments to the bank.